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Mission & Vision

A laundromat is a window into the soul of a community. We (Erin and Brandon Parker) wanted to create something that represents ourselves and you, our Boulder Creek neighbors.

What we have here is the best the current laundry world has to offer… except for the bathroom. We got a new toilet, but the technology is the same.  

Now you can have cleaner clothes and faster washes in an enjoyable, safe environment.

The vibe is improved with music, seating, and a TV. Fun colors, friendly faces, a hippo with a sock… A lot of you come in every week, so we want to provide a positive experience.  

We are well aware that laundromats are usually a nightmare. We know because our family has owned this Boulder Creek laundromat since 1974. 

Growing up in laundromats, Brandon had a long list of things he would change if he ever had a chance. Erin had a distain for laundromats and never dreamt she would ever have anything to do with owning one. Well, here we are.

We hope you like it. We built this for you. 

Say hi if you see us!

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Meet the Team!

Our Founder and CEO bring years of industry experience to The Mat – Boulder Creek Laundromat. Under their leadership, we’ve become the premier laundromat service provider in the area. Their vision and expertise guide our team to deliver exceptional service and exceed our customers’ expectations.

Brandon Parker

Brandon Parker


Erin Hexem-Parker