Wash & Fold

  • Leave Your Dirty Laundry
  • 9am – 9pm Every Day
  • We’ll Wash It For You

Wash & Fold Pricing
- 10 pound minimum on services -

Non-launderable items will be returned. Please, no biohazardous waste.

Orders not picked up within 7 days of drop off subject to a $0.25/lb per day storage fee. Orders not picked up within 14 days of drop off will be considered abandoned and will be donated to charity. We do not have room to store items.

How It Works

Step 1: You Drop Off

Bring your laundry to The Mat - Boulder Creek Laundry in bags or baskets. It can be wet or dirty. Drop it off with us and we'll do the rest.

Step 2: We Wash & Fold Like Pros

Our laundry experts sort colors and fabrics. They use good soap. They pick the perfect cycle and temp. They dry and fold to perfection. Then they bag it so it's organized.

Step 3: You Pick Up

We'll text you when it's done within 24 hours. It will be ready to put straight back into your closet.

A Woman choosing clothes for washing

Is Laundry Stressing You Out?

We understand it’s overwhelming. Your laundry is a never-ending chore that saps your life blood.

We believe if YOU make over $21/hour then you should use our wash service. 

Your time is valuable enough that it makes sense to offload your wash… 

Unless your the type of person who does their own oil changes too… In that case good for you. You’re a true Boulder Creek local =)

Take a Break: Get Your Life Back

Our Laundry Drop: Wash & Fold Service is the ultimate solution if you’re feeling busy.

We sort, wash, and fold your clothes like pros. So you can enjoy more free time and less stress.